Importance of Life Insurance

Providing life insurance and income protection cover to the clients is extremely important to ensure the full protection of our client’s assets.

Obtain the Best Quote

We have access to ALL the major retail life insurance providers in Australia which means we compare and provide you with insurance quotes with the best level of cover for the best possible price.

Our life insurance providers include One Path, CommInsure, MLC, Macquarie, AIA, TAL, AMP and more.

The Importance of Insurance

Life insurance and Income Protection will ensure the following:

  • Protect you and your family from not having to sell the family home.
  • Protecting your family and children to ensure the ongoing lifestyle cost to your home can be maintained.
  • Protecting your greatest asset and that is your ability to earn income. Failing to earn income due to an unforeseen event could be catastrophic to you and your family.
  • Ability to cover all your debts in the event of a major incidence such as loss of life or permanent disability.

Full Protection for your Family is Important

A proper wealth protection plan is integral for your family and you should be aware of the potential risk of not having the appropriate levels of cover in place to you and your family.

A full wealth protection plan should cover you in the event of death, disability, trauma or any event that prohibits you from working so that you, your family and your greatest assets are protected.

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