Tax Planning

We provide tax planning advice to our clients in combination with strategies on how to build wealth.

Part of our tax planning advice includes property investing, salary sacrificing into superannuation, share investing, income splitting and more. All of these strategies are effective ways you can reduce your income tax position.

Accountants do not advise on Wealth Creation

Most individuals believe it is the accountant’s responsibility to come up with tax planning strategies, however, this is a common mistake and misconception in the marketplace. The reason being, accountants are responsible for completing your individual tax returns from the previous financial year, not the current or future financial year.

This is where it is important we as financial advisers implement wealth creation and tax planning strategies for you today so you can build wealth and reduce your income tax for the tomorrow.

Working with your Accountant

As financial advisers, we do work closely with our client’s accountant; as the accountants do play an important role in establishing appropriate accounting structures and ensuring the appropriate deductions are being claimed on your behalf when the tax returns are being completed.

Key Tax Planning Strategies

By obtaining strategic tax planning advice, we assist clients in reducing their taxable income on a number of key strategies, including:

  • How buying an investment property can reduce the tax you pay every year.
  • How prepaying interest on investment loans can assist you with a one year tax benefit.
  • How salary sacrificing money into superannuation can significantly reduce you tax liability.
  • How building a share portfolio can reduce your taxable income depending on your current marginal tax rate.
  • How to structure investments correctly to reduce the overall tax you pay on earnings and future capital gains (i.e. individual, company versus superannuation and pension structures).
  • How to plan for your retirement to ensure you are minimising your tax liability when you do eventually retire from the workforce.

There are many tax planning opportunities that are available based on the current Australian Tax legislation and how to minimise your tax liability, whilst at the same time building your overall wealth position.

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