Balance Sheet

As a starting point to creating wealth, we work with  clients to determine their current balance sheet position (i.e. what are their current assets and liabilities).

Understanding your Current Asset Position

It is extremely important to understand your current balance sheet or asset position, as part of our advice going forward is to assist you in wealth creation strategies so you can eventually fund your future retirement.

Are you on track to fund your retirement?

Based on the current health of your balance sheet position, we can then run forecast modelling techniques and analytics to determine whether you are on track to meet and fund your future retirement.

How we can HELP you

Should we determine that a client will not achieve their objectives, we are able to provide strategic advice to our clients on how they can create wealth, reduce their tax position and ensure their future balance sheet is on track to accumulate a sufficient level of assets to fund their future retirement. Here are some the areas we can assist you;

  • Utilising available equity for investment purposes such as buying an investment property.
  • Contributions to superannuation and how this impacts the future balance sheet and net asset position.
  • Build a direct share portfolio and how this impacts the future balance sheet.
  • Debt reduction (specifically non-deductible debt such as a home loan).
  • Reduction of other debt items such as Personal Loans and or credit cards.

Contact Us

If you require advice on how to build your overall net asset position to fund your future retirement, please complete our online enquiry form or contact the office on 8621 8485.