Household Budget Planning

Budget planning for your household is one of the most important exercises to undertake and we assist clients with a budget planning spreadsheet to determine their current cash flow position.

Do you have Surplus Cash Flow

Should your budget planning highlight that you have a positive cash flow position in your household, we can then advise you in wealth creation and tax planning strategies that will enable you to accumulate and build your overall net asset position.

We work with  clients with their budget planning spreadsheet and from this we can then advise how best to allocate your surplus cash flow for investment purposes.

Access to Wealth Creation Opportunities

Understanding your cash flow via a budget planning spreadsheet will enable you to take advantage of the potential wealth creation and tax planning opportunities as illustrated below:

  • Making extra repayments on your home loan can save you a considerable amount of interest on your loan and in doing so, this will increase your overall net asset position.
  • Utilise your surplus cash flow to buy an investment property for long-term wealth creation and tax planning purposes.
  • Invest your surplus cash flow to start building a direct share portfolio.
  • Utilise your surplus cash to salary sacrifice into your superannuation as part of your wealth creation and tax planning strategies.
  • Continue to leap-frog into the property market as your equity continues to grow.

This is where we assist  clients in understanding their household cash flow position and advise them accordingly to how best to utilise these profits for investment purposes.

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