Investment Loans

After assessing the cash flow and equity position of our clients, we then have access to mortgage advisers who can obtain the best investment loans that are currently available in Australia.

Access to ALL the Major Lenders

Our mortgage advisers specializing in investment loans have access to a complete range of leading Australian Financial Institutions to ensure you receive the best interest rate on your investment loans.

Having the Correct Structure

It is important that the investment loans are also established correctly and this is where the combination of a financial adviser and a mortgage adviser can assist you in the correct investment loan structure for taxation purposes.

The Benefits of Borrowing to Invest

Investment loans provide a range of benefits to you as part of your wealth accumulation strategy. This includes:

  • You can claim interest on your investment loan as a ‘tax deduction’ which will reduce your income tax payable.
  • Obtaining a investment loan enable you to leverage into the property market and over the long term this will assist you in long term wealth creation.
  • Investment loans includes accessing your equity in your current home and using this in combination with a new investment loan to fund a purchase of a investment property.
  • Investment loans can also include the purchase of shares for those clients who are comfortable with share investing.

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