Your Cash Flow

Whilst it is important to determine your equity position, it is also important to determine your current cash flow position to see whether you can support the ongoing cost of buying an investment property.

Do you have Surplus Cash Flow?

The first step is to work with you on understanding your current cash flow position and we achieve this by implementing the following;

  • Complete our comprehensive Household Budget Planner.
  • Includes all the household income you receive and the income tax you pay.
  • Includes all the expenses you are currently paying.
  • From this we then determine how much surplus cash flow you have available.

How we can HELP you

Once we establish that you are in a positive cash flow position to buy an investment property, we then assist you with the potential impact to your future cash flow should you buy an investment property. This includes;

  • Discuss your available equity position.
  • Discuss how much you would like to spend on an Investment Property.
  • Would you buy a ‘New’ or ‘Established’ Investment Property (as this affects the ability to claim depreciation).
  • Impact to your future Cash Flow – including estimated rental income and cost associated with an investment property.
  • How much tax you will save and it’s impact to your cash flow.
  • If the future cash flow meets the requirements and you have enough equity you will be on your way to buy an investment property.

Contact Us

If you would like assistance on how to buy an investment property, please complete our online enquiry form or simply contact our office on 8621 8485.