Financial Planning Process

It is important that you understand the financial planning process and below we outline these steps to you;

Step 1 – Getting to Know you

The first step of the financial planning process is to understand you, your current personal and financial position and what goals and objectives you wish to achieve. This process includes;

  • Initial consultation to discuss your current personal and financial situation.
  • Understanding your future goals and objectives.
  • Understanding your timeframes in achieving these goals and objectives.
  • Understanding your attitude to risk/return for investment purposes.
  • Obtain any relevant financial documents you currently have as part of our review.

Step 2 – Reviewing your Current Financial Position

Once we have completed the first consultation, we will then conduct a full review of your current financial position. This part of the financial planning process is important as we need to understand your current position before providing any strategic advice to you. This includes;

  • Review of your cash flow position.
  • Review of your assets and liabilities (property, investments and associated loans)
  • Review of your superannuation.
  • Review of your investment portfolio.
  • Review of your life insurance and income protection policies.
  • Review of your estate planning

Step 3 – The Financial Plan (Statement of Advice)

The next step of the financial planning process is for us to prepare the financial plan, otherwise known as the Statement of Advice “SoA” document. The financial plan will include the following;

  • A Comprehensive summary of your current personal and financial position.
  • Advice on Wealth Creation Strategies to you.
  • Advice on Superannuation (Structures and Strategies) – including SMSF.
  • Forecast Modelling on your net asset position as part of your Retirement Plan.
  • The impact to your Cash Flow (including tax implications) following the implementation of our advice.
  • Wealth Protection advice including Life Insurances and Income Protection
  • Estate Planning considerations to ensure your assets are protected.

Step 4 – Presenting our Advice to you

Once the financial plan has been completed, we will then co-ordinate a meeting with you to discuss in depth the strategies and advice we have recommend to you.

Step 5 – Implementing the Advice

Step 5 of the financial planning process is to start implementing the advice and strategies we have put in place for you. As part of the process, we will organise all the necessary paperwork for you to complete and for us to establish and implement the advice provided in the financial plan.

Step 6 – Ongoing Review

Once we have implemented the initial advice, it is important that we continue to monitor and review the advice we have implemented for you.  This is long-term plan, a journey that we will work together in achieving your financial goals and objectives. Our review process is step 6 of the financial planning process and includes;

  • Ongoing review and management of your Superannuation (including SMSF).
  • Ongoing review and management of your Investment Portfolio (buy/sell shares)
  • Ongoing review of your property investments and loan structures.
  • Provide you with updates on changing tax legislation the strategies are appropriate to these changes.
  • Complete access to our advisers for any finance related questions
  • Provide additional advice to any changes to your lifestyle.

We don’t just provide one annual review, our ongoing advice and service is accessible at any point in time. In addition we provide active advice on your investments (specifically share portfolios) to ensure your portfolio can adapt to changing economic conditions.

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